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How To Use AI To Get More Engagement, Leads, And Sales In Less Than 2 Hours...

(Without a steep learning curve, plagiarizing, or tech experience)

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"Stop Whatever You're Doing and Get Whatever Program Jeff's Offering You"

Anik Singal

9-Figures in Online Sales  | Founder

Anik Singal is the Founder of, has done over 9 figures in online sales, trained 150,000+ students, and has 2.1 million social media followers.

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"Jeff is my favorite when it comes to this kind of stuff. Work with Jeff, I promise that you will thank me later."

Meet Your Instructor

Jeff J Hunter, CREATOR

Jeff J Hunter, has over a decade in the tech industry and a background in Fortune 500 project management. Known as the "King of Outsourcing," he excels at optimizing time and maximizing ROI through innovative strategies. Jeff's deep knowledge of AI has made him a leading authority, with businesses paying up to $50,000 for his insights. Even entrepreneur Anik Singal praises Jeff's exceptional AI teaching skills.

Over 200 people have used these exact strategies to make more money and save time! Take a look at just a few of my students results below...

Sam made $28,000 in less than 30 days... 

Stephanie made $192,363 in less than a year...

Chris saved $10,000+ in copywriter fees...

Watch A FREE Sample Of One Of My AI Persona's In Action...

(PS. I Turned My AI Copywriter Persona Into A Custom GPT That I Can Now Sell)

This Training is ONLY For YOU if...

"You want to use AI to save time & money but have no idea where to start."

"You're currently using AI or tried to use it, but your not getting the results you want"

"You're overwhelmed with the tech involved and the 1000's of AI tools on the market"

"You're confused about how to write copy that grabs people's attention, gets leads, and makes sales."

"You're short on time, the learning curve was too steep, so you gave up."

"You can't find a AI mentor who actually gets results for their clients... and isn't trying to sell you garbage just to make a quick buck."

What is The AI Persona Method?

Imagine if you had a method that made sure every piece of content created by AI, every automated task, and every AI-based strategy helped your business grow, ensuring MORE ENGAGEMENT, LEADS, and SALES?

What's even better? Nobody would even know you're using AI. Not even your competitors would figure out your secret.

With over 20 hours of training, 30+ "Human-Like Personas," 1000+ prompts that don't suck, TONS of bonuses, and our private support group, you'll learn exactly how to use AI to get more done, grow your business, and save time & money without a steep learning curve or complicated tech, and without plagiarizing.

Take A Tour Inside The Course Members Area & Bonuses!

Just like you, I've battled with the same AI tools that promised the world but delivered a fraction of it. I've felt the sting of investing in team members who didn't quite fit the bill, no matter how much I hoped they would.

Inside you’ll learn the exact AI methods I’ve used in my own businesses to create "human-like" AI Personas and that have helped over 200 real business owners explode their leads and sales and completely transform their content creation.

It saved them millions of dollars in costs, helped them be more productive, and saved thousands of hours of time.

Here Is The Core Training In The AI Persona Method...

Practical step-by-step lessons so you can start using AI in your business in just 1 hour and 30 minutes.









"Real World" Examples, Case Studies, & More

In The Past I Sold JUST The AI Persona Method For $997...

But, Today You'll Also Get:

The Viral Social Media Generator Custom GPT (Value: $997)

Imagine having an expert AI Copywriter for Social Media posts at your finger tips, 24/7? The Viral Social Media Post Generator is a "Custom GPT" that uses the power of ChatGPT 4 and Jeff J Hunters proven C.L.E.A.R Copywriting. The best part? You can use the generator to create UNLIMITED social media posts so you can get more engagement, leads, and sales.

Elite AI Community Access (Value: $500)

Exclusive membership to a high-caliber network of business owners for collaboration, support, and networking. I charge a monthly fee for members to get access - you’re going to get lifetime access included.

Continuous AI Learning Portal (Value: $750)

An ever-evolving resource hub with advanced AI strategies, case studies, and real-world applications to keep you at the forefront of AI innovation.

Bi-Weekly Innovation AI Workshop Calls (Value: $1000)

Regular live sessions to discuss the latest in AI, troubleshoot challenges, and brainstorm applications with peers and experts. 

30 + AI Persona Vault (Value: $297)

Over 30 “Done-For You” AI Personas specializing in multiple roles, skills and business functions to save you time and money. 

1000+ Prompt Collection (Value: $337)

You will get access to 1000+ from all the course content, bonus trainings, and even a list of 100+ AI Copywriting prompts that don’t suck to create amazing content.

Viral Social Media Post Collection (Value: $37)

100+ REAL viral posts written by a world-class copywriter. Give these to your AI Persona so it can write viral content to grow your online presence.

AI Copywriting Quick-Start Workshop (Value: $97)

Learn proven copywriting methods to get leads and sales and how to train your AI Persona to write them for you.

AI Book Ghostwriter (Value: $1000)

How to create your own professional ghost writer that digests information about the author to capture their essence, experiences, and voice.

The Graphic Generative AI Workshop (Value: $47)

Create stunning logos, social media graphics, and custom visuals in minutes with our easy-to-use AI prompts for Mid Journey and Dalle-3.

AI Consulting Blueprint eBook (Value: $10)

Learn how to make money by helping other businesses learn AI through consulting. This should be priced a lot higher as you'll learn how to charge up to $1500/hour for AI consulting. 

Virtual Assistant AI Training Guide Slides (Value: $19)

A step-by-step manual to equip your virtual assistant with the skills to leverage AI tools effectively.

Social Copy Secrets Course Value (Value: $997)

Organic social media strategies that truly engage and sell. This is a program I've sold had 100's of students purchase in the past. The strategies inside has been used to help many businesses and personal brands make millions of dollars from social media.

CLEAR Copywriting Masterclass (Value: $297)

 Learn Jeff J Hunter’s proven copywriting method he has used to generate multiple 7 figures in his business over 3 years.

Evergreen Content Creation Workshop (Value: $197)

Learn how to create content that lasts so you can continue to generate an ROI from your hard work creating content. (Although with AI creating content is much easier with what you learn inside the AI Persona Method)

Target Audience Deep-Dive Workshop (Value: $197)

Zero in on your ideal customers so the content you create attracts people that you love to work with and can afford your stuff.

Boosted Checkout Page Copy Template (Value: $197)

Learn the secret to convert visitors on your page to customers at a higher rate. This is perfect if you have a low conversion rate on your products.

Proven Testimonial Script (Value: $97)

Testimonials is one of the best pieces of content you can create to get more sales. However, most testimonials are not designed for conversions. Give this script to your clients so you can craft testimonials that turn readers into buyers.

Total Value: $8,070

(Don't Worry, You Won't Pay Anything CLOSE To That Right Now)

But Wait! There's More... 

For Memorial Day You Will Also Get:

Meeting Minutes CustomGPT
Meeting Minutes GPT
(Total Value: $47)

Take professional Meeting Minutes in seconds with the Meeting Minutes GPT.

QR Code CustomGPT
Custom QR Code Generator GPT
(Total Value: $47)

Creates customized QR code hard-coded in python that last forever!

Contract Writer CustomGPT
Contract Writer GPT
(Total Value: $47)

Simplifies and automates contract and proposal creation with precision.

Short Form Video CustomGPT
Short-Form Video Script Maker
(Total Value: $97)

This GPT crafts 'talking-head' TikTok scripts with hooks, value, and CTA.

Email Campaign CustomGPT
Email Campaign Generator
(Total Value: $97)

This Email Marketer GPT knows how to create effective email marketing campaigns that convert.

Branding Consulting CustomGPT
Branding Consultant GPT
(Total Value: $97)

Get your own Branding Consultant specializing in helping you establish and your brand identity.

Media Bio Creator CustomGPT
Media Bio Creator GPT
(Total Value: $47)

Craft engaging media bios, customized to individual needs.

T-Shirt Designer CustomGPT
Custom T-Shirt Designer GPT
(Total Value: $47)

Create designs for graphic t-shirt designers

Resume and Cover Letter CustomGPT
The Perfect Resume & Cover Letter Writer GPT
(Total Value: $47)

Writes a customized resume for you and even a cover letter.

BONUS #10:
How To Create Long-Form Sales Pages With AI Masterclass Recording
(Total Value: $297)

Learn to craft compelling long-form sales pages from start to finish, with real-time examples and expert tips to enhance engagement and drive conversions.

BONUS #11:
How To Create CustomGPT's The Right Way Masterclass Recording
(Total Value: $297)

Dive into the art of creating Custom GPTs for various business needs. Jeff will guide you through his proven process, from initial concept to final deployment.

BONUS #12:
AI Copywriting Masterclass Recording
(Total Value: $297)

Learn how to build killer data sets, craft compelling email campaigns, and harness the power of AI tools like Claude to generate high-converting copy. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, this workshop will give you the unfair advantage you need to dominate in the AI copywriting space.

Total Value: $9,534


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30 Day Action Based Guarantee

I'm all about action, and I stand by The Savage Marketer Black Friday Bundle with every ounce of confidence. That's why I'm offering you a 30-Day Action-Based Promise. Dive into the main modules, put them to work, and if these strategies don't revolutionize the way you handle AI in your business? Then you hit me up within those 30 days, show me you've done the work, and I'll refund your investment, every single penny. Because it's not just about making a purchase, it's about making progress, and I'm here to ensure you do just that.

Still On The Fence?

Here Are My Students Results.

"41 Comments on in 24 Hours.." 

"I followed the exact prompts Jeff gave me step by step and wrote a social media post in 30 seconds... 24 hours after posting, my post had 41 comments..."

"It's like having a virtual office of staff working around the clock for me"

"I was draining my time and energy, and I needed something that could simplify my workflow, but still be trustworthy & effective. That's what this program offered...

"There is only a handful of people I trust to learn AI from... Jeff is one of them..." 

"I am the co-founder of at Thought Leaders Institute and Thought Flow AI. If you're considering joining the program, but wondering if this will be helpful and the quality of the outputs will be good, then I can say confidently you SHOULD join!"

"The case studies are freakin' gold..."

Jeff Hunter has done an outstanding job curating and teaching the best ways to prompt ChatGPT for perfect output. The case studies are freakin' gold!! Didn't even think of the many ways I could use it :)

"I'm mind blown 20 minutes in..."

"I can't believe how much time (an payroll) this is going to save me in client work. Batched out social posts that used to take me hours in literal minutes...this is a game-changer!!"

"I've already 10X my work..."

Life-changing course! This is my first course with Jeff Hunter and I'm so impressed! Jeff goes above and beyond to help. Already been implementing the teachings in this course and I've already 10X my work while leaving extra time in the day.

"I can't speak highly enough about Jeff..." 

"Coming into this I really knew nothing about ChatGPT and how it can be leveraged for our business. After going through the course I can say with confidence that we learned so much prompts, personas, and getting as much as we can out of the tools to better our business."

"I'm dyslexic... now I can write social media posts in 2 minutes..."

"Does this really work? It seems kinda good, and then I purchased it. What I really like about it is you can create a persona for anything. It's made my life a lot easier!

"I joined to save time..." 

"I was spending way to much time on our content strategy and was never pleased with the outcome. This has solved those problems for us. Thank you Jeff for saving me a lot of time and making my life easier!"

"Created 2 weeks of content in clients brand voice..."

"Just saved myself HOURS..."

"Best. Program. Ever..."

"Jeff demystified the technology for me..." 

"When I first heard about ChatGPT I was super stressed to have one more thing to learn. But I do have to stay up to date on tech because I have an online business. Jeff demystified the technology for me so much that I now teach this to others"

"I do NOT regret investing in the AI Persona Method..." 

"I use it to create for my business that I have... with the AI Persona Method and how I applied it, it's been a real game changer."

"This is FAR more advanced..." 

"I signed up for Billy Gene's AI workshop, and I felt like the speaker he paid a lot of money to teach us really didn't get it. The way that Jeff is using it is on a whole other level! I also did a few Udemy courses, and the AI Persona Method is far more advanced."

"What really sets Jeff's program apart is his marketing expertise..."

"I LOVE it and use it daily..."

"I don't need to hire a PR firm to do it..."

"I've been marketing since 2001, spent $200M on ads, this is some of the coolest stuff I've seen..."

"I didn't really know what to expect, but this is GOLD..."

"I'm on step 8... this I will save my copywriter heaps of time..."

"It's time to stop paying a social media agency $3k/month..."

"Any product/ service business can use this..."

"For ANYONE looking to use AI in their business, Jeff's training is a MUST..."

"I was able to CLONE myself with minimal effort..."

"I had my HR Persona write an empathetic email to let an employee go..."

"I created a lead magnet for my client in under 15 minutes..."

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