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Struggling To Write Social Media Posts That Attract Clients?

Let me guess...

You're a business owner with a great product or service.

But you find it challenging to write social media posts that don't suck

You waste the small amount of time you have writing stuff that gets nothing but crickets.

Or maybe...

You're so busy you can't find a sliver of time in your calendar to write anything at all.

How do I know this?

Because 7 Years Ago...

I couldn't write a social media post to attract clients to save my life.

In fact, my typical day looked a lot like this...

I woke up early, already thinking about everything I needed to get done that day.

With a cup of coffee in hand, I quickly checked my overflowing inbox.

Emails from clients, questions from suppliers, potential new leads—all needing my attention.

My to-do list never seemed to end.

I felt like I barely had a moment to breathe.

But hanging over everything was the need to create that day's social media post to help grow my business.

I knew posting regularly was important, but finding the time and ideas was a constant struggle.

By the time I finished fighting fires in my business, it would already be lunchtime.

I would skip taking a break and sit down to write before I spent the afternoon on calls.

Even with this short window of time, I would stare at the blank screen, trying to come up with something engaging.

I would write, delete, and rewrite, feeling more and more frustrated with each passing minute.

The anxiety of wasting precious time without producing anything good was overwhelming.

Eventually, I managed to put together a post that seemed okay.

I hit "publish" and then got back to the relentless pace of the day.

When I finally checked back after hours on calls, there was hardly any engagement.

My heart sank as my post got lost in the endless sea of social media content.

Despite all my effort, my business felt invisible.

By the end of the day, I was exhausted.

Lying in bed, I couldn't stop thinking about all the stress.

I would swipe on my phone and get jealous when I saw my competitors thrive online.

I would toss and turn, worrying that my business couldn't rely on word of mouth forever.

I even felt embarrassed as an entrepreneur that I couldn't figure out how to write a simple post.

It made me start to question if I really had what it would take to be successful.

If I couldn't figure out something as simple as writing a social media post, what else would I fail at?

Before I'd finally fall asleep...

Something as small as writing a social media post to attract clients became my biggest nightmare.




"Hey Jeff, I Deleted Your Post...
Because It Sucked..."

One day, I joined my friend Arne's Facebook group because it was filled with my ideal clients.

I saw him posting in the group and getting a ton of engagement. I thought it would be the perfect place to post to attract clients.

So, on another stressed-out lunch break, I wrote a post and hit send.

What happened next? Looking back at it now, it's kinda funny... but at the time, I felt crushed.

My post was so bad he had to take it down for being flagged as spam.

He sent me a message saying something like:

"Hey Jeff, I had to take your post down because it was really salesy and honestly... it sucked... but how about I teach you how I write my social media posts?"

Luckily for me, he was a great friend and an excellent copywriter.

I applied what I learned from him, and I'll admit it took some time to get the hang of it.

But eventually, my posts started doing better.

And soon enough, I started landing clients from my social media posts.

I became hooked on learning copywriting.

Fast forward to today and I've spent tens of thousands of dollars learning copywriting and writing hunderds of posts.

I now own a handful of companies that have scale to 6-7 figures from organic social media posts.

I have even helped big brands and hundres of small business owners with their copywritting. 

Now as much as I would love to share all my copywriting secrets with you...

We both know you don't have enough time for that right?

But to be honest I got something 10x better, faster, and cheaper....

What If You Could Write A Social Media Post In 60 Seconds With AI?

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