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 "The Viral Social Media Post Generator" 

By Jeff J Hunter

Let's Face It...

As a business owner, marketer or personal brand, creating social media post can be downright draining. It's more than just coming up with ideas; it's about pouring hours into creating posts that gets engagement, leads and sales with your target audience.

What if you could shift most of this burden off your shoulders?

Think about it – as the BOSS, your focus should be on strategies that drive business growth, like nurturing customer relationships and closing sales, not getting bogged down in the endless cycle of content creation.

Why spend hours on something that can be achieved in minutes?

Imagine if you could eliminate nearly ALL the time you spend creating social media content. No more long hours trying to come up with engaging posts, no more struggling to keep up with the latest trends, and definitely no more feeling overwhelmed by the demands of consistent content creation.

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Here’s Where The Viral Social Media Post Generator Comes In:

Increase Engagement, Leads, and Sales:

This tool is not just about creating content; it's about creating the right content. Content that captures attention, engages your audience, and most importantly, converts this engagement into leads and sales. With its advanced AI-driven capabilities, the generator crafts posts that resonate with your audience, encouraging them to take action – be it signing up for your newsletter, inquiring about your services, or making a purchase.

Saving Precious Time in Content Creation:

We know that your time is valuable. With the Viral Social Media Post Generator, you can say goodbye to the hours spent in front of your computer, trying to write the perfect post. By answering a few simple questions, you'll have engaging, customized content ready in minutes. This efficiency frees up your schedule, allowing you to concentrate on other critical aspects of your business.

Consistently High-Quality Content:

The struggle to maintain a steady stream of quality content is real and exhausting. The generator ensures you’re not just posting frequently, but you’re posting quality content every time. It's like having a 24/7 creative assistant at your fingertips, ensuring your social media feeds are always fresh, relevant, and engaging.

Cindy Got 93,517 Impressions, 1,443 Likes, 55 Comments, and 150+ Shares!

"It's My Most Viewed Post Ever On Linkedin!"

Meet Cindy Rodriguez.
She used my Viral Social Media Post Generator and got:
👀 93,000+ views
👍 1400+ likes
🗨️ 50+ comments
🔄 150+ shares
And not just the engagement and visibility...
But the opportunities that come from it.
The authority she's building in her industry.
And here's the wild part....
I used to charge $1,000 to write ONE social media post...
But, now with The Viral Social Media Post Generator...
You can create UNLIMITED POSTS for 90% less than that.

Watch This Video To See EXACTLY How The Viral Social Media Post Generator Works

Here's How It Works:

Step 1: Download The Viral Social Media Post Generator

Once you purchase you get instant access to "The Viral Social Media Post Generator". Installing the generator into ChatGPT 4 is as simple as a few clicks. No need to spend years learning copywriting or hiring an expensive professional.

Step 2: Follow The Prompts

Follow the prompts and answer the three simple questions The Viral Social Media Post Generator gives you. Press "Send" and the generator will create your social media post in seconds. Don't like it the post? Just create another one!

Step 3: Post The Content

Start posting the generated content across your social media channels. These posts can work on Facebook, Linkedin, and any social media platform you want. They can also be tweaked and repurposed into marketing emails.

What Is The C.L.E.A.R Copywriting Method?

Hi, I'm Jeff J Hunter and I developed the C.L.E.A.R Copywriting method over 8 years, a strategy that's not only made me millions but has also helped others grow their business too. Let me give you a quick overview of what C.L.E.A.R stands for:

C - Curiosity:

Spark curiosity with captivating questions or intriguing statements to immediately seize attention.

L - Leading Them In:

Draw the audience deeper into your content with compelling narratives or engaging information.

E - Emotion:

Spark an emotional connection using storytelling or empathetic language, making your content memorable and shareable.

A - Analyze:

Establish authority and credibility by presenting unique perspectives and insightful analyses on topics.

R - Reaction:

Create content aimed at eliciting reactions, from engagement and viewpoint shifts to direct actions like purchases.

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The Best Part?

The Viral Social Media Post Generator is trained on, my C.L.E.A.R Copywriting method so you don't have to spend years mastering copywriting. It's like having me at your fingertips! 

Here Are A Few Of My Student's Results:

"What I appreciate about this is the ease of use"

"It did prompt three people to buy calendars, which is the result I wanted"

"I scheduled 2 weeks of Linkedin social posts for my profile in an hour"

Get The Viral Social Media Post Generator Today & Also Get These Bonuses:

The Viral Social Media Generator Custom GPT

(Total Value: $997)

For less the cost of a night out at the movies with your family you can have an expert AI Copywriter at your finger tips. The Viral Social Media Post Generator is a "Custom GPT" that uses the power of ChatGPT 4 and Jeff J Hunters proven C.L.E.A.R Copywriting. The best part? You can use the generator to create UNLIMITED social media posts so you can get more engagement, leads, and sales.

Viral Social Media Post Custom GPT

You'll Also Get These Bonuses:

Meeting Minutes CustomGPT
BONUS #1: Meeting Minutes GPT
(Total Value: $47)

Take professional Meeting Minutes in seconds with the Meeting Minutes GPT.

QR Code CustomGPT
BONUS #2: Custom QR Code Generator GPT
(Total Value: $47)

Creates customized QR code hard-coded in python that last forever!

Contract Writer CustomGPT
BONUS #3: Contract Writer GPT
(Total Value: $47)

Simplifies and automates contract and proposal creation with precision.

Media Bio Creator CustomGPT
BONUS #4: Media Bio Creator GPT
(Total Value: $47)

Expert in crafting engaging media bios, customized to individual needs.

T-Shirt Designer CustomGPT
BONUS #5: Custom T-Shirt Designer GPT
(Total Value: $47)

Create designs for graphic t-shirt designers

Resume and Cover Letter CustomGPT
BONUS #6: The Perfect Resume & Cover Letter Writer GPT
(Total Value: $47)

Writes a customized resume for you and even a cover letter.

Total Value: $1,279

Don't Worry, You Won't Pay Anything CLOSE To That!

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Short Form Video CustomGPT
Short-Form Video Script Maker
(Total Value: $97)

This GPT crafts 'talking-head' TikTok scripts with hooks, value, and CTA.

Email Campaign CustomGPT
Email Campaign Generator
(Total Value: $97)

This Email Marketer GPT knows how to create effective email marketing campaigns that convert.

Branding Consulting CustomGPT
Branding Consultant GPT
(Total Value: $97)

This GPT is your own Branding Consultant specializing in helping you establish and your brand identity. (Warning: This one goes deep so make sure to set some time aside for it)

CustomGPT Pack

Total Value: $1,570

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Ready To Get The Viral Social Media Post Generator For Just $97?

Disclaimer: The Viral Social Media Post Generator is tailored to enhance your social media strategy using Jeff J Hunter's proven C.L.E.A.R Copywriting method. While this method has been effective for many, we cannot guarantee specific results or guarantee you will go viral due to variables outside of our control like brand uniqueness, audience dynamics, and market variations. Jeff J Hunter, The AI Persona Method, VA Staffer, and The Savage Marketer are not liable for any direct or indirect consequences of tool use. Your decisions and results are your responsibility. Custom GPT's such as The Viral Social Media Post Generator can only be used on ChatGPT 4.  

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