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Imagine creating your own A.I. Employees that can fill important roles in your business to take over marketing, sales, customer service and more!

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Take the online course or work with a Certified AI Consultant to create an AI Persona for you.

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Use your AI Persona to Create landing pages, email campaigns, social media, and more.

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Watch as your AI Persona takes over your social media, copywriting and customer support fast!

Get the Self-Paced Course To Help You Create AI Personas Quickly

Ready to quickly and easily create your own AI Chat Bot to help you grow your business? Watch the AI Persona Method Training on your own time in the office or on the couch with the virtual AI Persona Method video training.

Why would I work with a Certified AI Consultant?

Working with a Certified AI Consultant is actually fun and easy. Unlike other "coaches and consultants" that leave you with homework, you'll come come away with an AI Persona who will actually do all the work for you!

Working with a Certified AI Consultant is very quick. Within less than 90 minutes you can accomplish what would take professional copywriters weeks to do! Thanks to AI, you get INSTANT results!

After your session with an AI Persona Method Certified Consultant you'll have your own AI Employee who works 24/7, never quits, never complains, and will never ask for a paycheck!

What Can an AI Persona Actually Do In My Business?

With the AI Persona Method you can create "Human-Like" AI Chatbot that is highly skilled, highly trained, and understands your business AND your target market. Here's what they do:

Social Media

Let's face it - most people SUCK at social media. Imagine having your own Social Media AI Persona that can create human-like posts to grow your brand. Your AI Persona can create a content calendar, make posts for EVERY social media platform in your own Brand Void, and even make video scripts for TikTok!

eBooks & Lead Magnets

Do you have enough leads? What if you could create an AI Persona that specializes in writing eBooks and Lead Magnets that people can't resist! Start growing that email list and attracting new sales immediately!

Email Newsletters

How often do you send a valuable newsletter to your email list? The answer (like most of us) is "not enough". Create an Email Marketer AI Persona that can come up with engaging email campaigns to convert your list into raving fans (and more revenue!)

Customer Service & Support

Have some problems keeping up with customer support? Maybe you don't have the right people on the job? No problem, what if you created a Customer Service AI Persona that could show empathy and solve problems and avoid costly refunds (and negative reviews)?

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Who Created the
AI Persona Method?

Jeff J Hunter, CREATOR

Jeff J. Hunter is an author best known for VA Staffer, a team Virtual Assistant staffing agency. Leveraging the power of Virtual Teams and AI, he empowers entrepreneurs and startups to build, scale, and dominate their brand categories.

Jeff is the creator of the AI Persona Method, a method to leverage AI to create "human-like" AI Personas to perform a variety of roles in companies from marketing, copywriting, consulting and more. He's created one of the first AI Consulting Certification programs on the planet for leaders to help businesses integrate and leverage AI technology.