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In the dynamic landscape of modern business, few individuals have managed to seamlessly blend two seemingly disparate industries: cannabis and artificial intelligence. Joey Gindi stands at this unique intersection, boasting over a decade of hands-on experience in the cannabis sector coupled with a profound passion for AI-driven solutions.

Joey’s journey in the cannabis industry began in 2009, a time when the narrative around cannabis was vastly different from today. Alongside his brother, he co-founded Compassionate Pain Management (CPM), a medical dispensary with a mission to destigmatize cannabis use. CPM wasn’t just another dispensary; it quickly became a beacon of knowledge and patient care in Colorado. With the legalization of adult use, Joey’s vision expanded, leading to the transformation of CPM into Ajoya Brands. Under his leadership, Ajoya was recognized by Leafly in 2017 as one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Cannabis Dispensaries in America, and it also garnered accolades from local publications in Boulder County.

But Joey’s aspirations extended beyond the cannabis realm. As technological advancements surged, he recognized the transformative potential of artificial intelligence. Instead of perceiving AI as a looming threat, Joey embraced it as a powerful tool – an ally capable of driving efficiency, innovation, and growth. This understanding led him to deeply explore the world of AI, culminating in his AI Persona Method Certification.

Today, as the CEO of Ajoya Brands, Joey’s ambitions aren’t confined to running a successful cannabis enterprise. He’s on a mission to demonstrate how AI can revolutionize industries, optimize operations, and empower businesses to reach new heights. His approach to AI is holistic, viewing it as a means to augment human potential rather than diminish it.

Beyond his professional milestones, Joey is a fervent community builder. He’s cultivated strong relationships with local charities and organizations, always striving to create a positive impact through both business and community engagement.

Residing in Arvada, Colorado, when Joey isn’t at the forefront of AI initiatives or leading Ajoya, he cherishes the simple pleasures of life, like going on walks with his loyal dog, Kujo.

In an era where industries are in perpetual flux, Joey Gindi stands as a beacon of adaptability, vision, and an unwavering commitment to innovation. He’s not just anticipating the future; he’s actively crafting it.

Certified AI Consultant since 2023

“Joey is a pro and he is just getting started.
It is all super exciting!
The possibilities are endless.
Thank you Joey for this.
Message Joey to get set up.
Or not and get left behind. 😉”

Michael Isom

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