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Portland, Oregon, United States


Melissa’s superpower is her ability to turn complex or hard-to-explain concepts into clear and magnetic communication through intuition and creative imagination.

She is a gifted copy and content writer who has mastered the use of AI to help her clients achieve powerful sales, brand, and creative communication faster and with consistency.

With decades of experience in sales, radio, digital marketing, and leadership, Melissa is a powerhouse strategist and muse for brands seeking fresh ideas, clean design, and a stronger digital presence.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and foresight have earned her nationwide recognition, while her long-standing partnerships and certifications with DigitalMarketer and Wizard Academy attest to her exceptional skills.

Melissa is a muse of creative ideas and a force for moving big ideas forward.

Certified AI Consultant since 2023

"A strategy consulting firm, partnered with Xavier and Melissa to elevate our community health mission. Their expertise transcended mere design, giving voice to our innovative service and supporting our expansion with powerful, tailored communication strategies. Their partnership has been central to our growth and success."

Dora Barilla, CEO - HC2 Strategies

"Melissa & Xaver are a dream team for brand advertisement, creative and graphic communication. Xavier is a creative pioneer. His masterful design work influenced the success of The Sharper Image catalogs and shaped our retail stores' visual experience. His inspired work represents three decades of striking cover designs, cutting-edge photography art direction, and eye-catching ads."

Richard Thailhiemer, CEO - The Sharper Fund & Founder & CEO The Sharper Image

"Melissa is not just a brand expert, she’s a visionary. Their personalized approach, deep understanding, and guidance really set them apart. I highly recommend KÜCO Media for any brand’s success."

Sun Migliacci - Founder & CEO Yorbis

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