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The Lesix Agency

Meet Rob Lee, the driving force behind The Lesix Agency and the entire Lesix Family of Companies. With an extensive background in marketing – in both traditional and digital media – and a proven track record of success, Rob brings a unique blend of experience, innovation, and dedication to his work.

A DigitalMarketer Certified Partner, Rob possesses an impressive array of certifications in a variety of fields. These certifications include AI consulting, media buying, direct mail, Lean / Six Sigma, and more. Since launching his first consulting agency, Lesix Media, in 2007, Rob has dedicated himself to the craft of effective marketing strategy, continually fine-tuning his skills and expanding his expertise.

His leadership of The Lesix Agency is characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep understanding of the marketing needs of real estate professionals. A testament to his expertise is the 300% increase in course revenue he achieved for the Westwood School of Real Estate Studies. Through his intuitive understanding of email marketing and landing page optimization, Rob was able to guide the institution to unprecedented growth.

Throughout his career, Rob has been consistently recognized for his results-driven approach and his ability to tailor strategies that suit the unique needs of his clients in the real estate education sector. His passion for marketing and dedication to his clients has set him apart in the industry and underpins the success of The Lesix Agency.

Whether you’re an up-and-coming real estate school seeking to boost enrolment numbers, or an established institution looking to modernize your marketing strategy, Rob Lee and The Lesix Agency are equipped to help you reach new heights. Trust in their expertise, proven by their results, and experience the difference that strategic, focused marketing can make for your organization.

Certified AI Consultant since 2023

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